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LAOS, Feb 20 (Vientiane Times/ANN)

Laos has been named second runner-up in the Top Country rankings in the UK’s Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards 2020, behind Namibia and Peru.The ranking should be a huge fillip to Laos’ tourism industry. It is the first time Laos has been awarded the second runner-up spot in the magazine’s Top Country awards.The award was accepted by the Lao ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mr Phongsavanh Sisoulath.Director General of the Tourism Marketing Department, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, >Mr Soun Manivong, told Vientiane Times on Wednesday the award would raise Laos’ profile and more people would get to know about the country and its beauty.The Top Country awardees are decided by votes from more than 8,500 Wanderlust readers online. Laos received 96.25 percent of the votes.

In previous years Laos has received awards for Best City and Top City. Luang Prabang received the Best City award eight times and placed in the top ten on other occasions since 2006, according to the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.The Wanderlust Readers’ Travel Awards are based on readers’ travels from December 2018 to November 2019. The results are based on an average satisfaction score (converted to a percentage) rather than the number of votes cast.The full results can be seen at

In a bid to attract more visitors, Laos hosted Visit Laos Year 2018 and Visit Laos-China Year
2019. These tourism promotion events featured a range of colourful activities while infrastructure was upgraded in provinces across the country and services were improved. Some provinces lowered their food prices and added new dishes to restaurant menus.More than 4.7 million visitors came to Laos last year, an increase of 14.44 percent over 2018.This year the government is targeting domestic tourism and is encouraging local residents to explore their country.

This initiative is part of the national socio-economic development plan for 2020. The government hopes to attract about 4.7 million foreign visitors and generate more than US$900 million in revenue from tourism. As of 2018, Laos had 670 hotels, 2,432 guesthouses and resorts, 2,646 restaurants and 305 entertainment venues, according to the ministry’s Tourism Development Department. Laos has numerous officially designated tourist attractions including 1,318 nature-based sites, 596 places of cultural interest, and 294 places of historical significance.


老挝,2 月20 日(万象时报/Ann)-

老挝在英国2020 年Wanderlust Reader 旅行奖中被评为最佳国家/地区第三名,仅次于纳 米比亚和秘鲁。
该排名对老挝的旅游业来说应该是一个巨大的吸引力。这是老挝首次在该杂志的最佳乡村 “Top Country”奖项中获得亚军。

老挝驻英国大使Phongsavanh Sisoulath 先生接受了该奖项。

信息,文化和旅游部旅游营销司司长Soun Manivong 先生周三在万象时报受访时说明,该奖项将提高老挝的知名度,使更多的人了解这个国家美丽所在。

最佳国家/地区的奖项是由8,500 多名Wanderlust 读者在线投票决定的,其中老挝获得 96.25%的选票。
在过去的几年中,老挝获得了最佳城市奖和最佳城市奖。根据信息,文化和旅游部提供的 数据,琅勃拉邦(Luang Prabang)自2006 年以来曾八次获得最佳城市奖,并在其他参

Wanderlust 读者旅行奖项【Wanderlust Readers’ Travel Awards】是根据读者从2018 年 12 月到2019 年11 月的旅行行程,评审结果是根据平均满意度的得分(转换成百分比)而不是投票数。完整的结果可以在 查看。

为了吸引更多游客,老挝举办了2018 年老挝探访活动和2019 年中国-老挝探访活动。这些旅游促进活动呈现了丰富多彩的活动特色,同时全国各省的基础设施得到了升级,服 务也得到了提升。一些省份降低了食品价格,并在餐厅菜单中增加了新的菜品。

有超过470 万游客在去年来到老挝旅游,比2018 年增长了14.44%。


该计划是2020 年国家社会经济发展计划的一部分。政府希望吸引大约470 万外国游客,并从旅游业中产出高于9 亿美元的收入。
根据该部旅游发展部的数据,截至2018 年,老挝共拥有670 家酒店,2,432 家旅馆和度 假村,2,646 家餐厅和305 个娱乐场所。老挝拥有众多官方指定的旅游景点,包括1,318 个自然景点,596 个文化景点和294 个历史景点。

LAOS, Feb 20 (Vientiane Times/ANN)

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