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Customised Services (Value Added)

PLG improves efficiency and creates greater flexibility for your supply chain with our value-added services.
Well equipped with the necessary machinery and expertise in specialised industrial wrapping and packing, PLG offers a fully integrated value-added solution designed for your business needs.

Our diverse range of services includes:

  • Customised wood packing
  • Heat shrink wrap for industrial applications and odd-sized and oversized cargoes
  • Flame retardant shrink wrap (premium technology from the USA)
  • Chemical foam packing

ISPM 15/ IPPC Heat Treatment Chamber
PLG owns a heat treatment chamber that is specially designed with a hot airflow system to perform heat treatment for timber and wood packing materials. With the IPPC stamp: SG-34 endorsement, our heat treatment products are accepted by all countries recognising the IPPC trademark.

We can apply customised labels, swing tags and barcodes to your goods.

Quality Inspection
To maintain the highest quality standards, PLG offers on-site inspection of inbound and outbound goods and components.


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