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Industrial Spray Painting Services

Established in Jun 2013, as part of Value Added Service (VAS), aligned to our corporate Pacific Logistics group (PLG) direction in expanding/marketing into OIL & GAS industry as a niche integrated solution service provider. Operated with a team of five qualified Blasters/painters.

We have TWO units of Spray Painting Chamber of L-3.0m x W-4.0m x H-3.0m that come with build in OVEN HEATING facility to enable quick turnaround, reduce paint dry processing time to achieve Client’s KPI.

Supported by TWO Blasting Chamber that catered to varies from small to large product body part below <2.0ton in weight or dimension size that feed within these blasting chamber L-1.4m x W-1.4m X H-1.5m

Our skillful painters were trained in handling masking tapping work, blasting & spraying work accordance to client’s SPP require, types of abrasive (e.g. Garnet 60) and surface profile (e.g.50 μm). We will also support with our painting Quality & mandatory details for Inspection Report as follow example:

  • Ambient condition & coating layer
  • Paint description & Paint Batch
  • Air temp degree °C, Relative Humidity %, Dew Point °C, and Surface Temp ° C
  • Actual DFT in µm & average surface profile in µm measure gauge

In addition RKS also undertake to project managed spray painting and sandblasting works with our team of professional partners for jobs of various sizes based on the need of our customer

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