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The Intricacies in Asia’s Logistics Industry

Multi-modal transportation continues to change the way Singapore contributes to the global stage. With the increasing costs through ocean freight, rail-air transhipment may seem to be the most optimum option for now. However, real value creation lies in unlocking multi-modal transportation at various points of the supply chain to cushion disruptions with innovative and adaptable workarounds, especially in Asia. This is how PLG’s extensive experience in Asia’s logistics industry can meet the needs of clients.

PLG utilises a combination of transport modes to ensure clients garner the most cost-effective and timely solutions that benefit businesses. As nations adapt and calibrate their economic trade flows, these trade dynamics have an immediate impact in the everyday operations of Singapore businesses.

Balancing Value-Added Services Amid Disruption in Supply Chains

Amid rising costs across supply chains – from manufacturing, first-mile delivery, customs clearance amongst others – the ability to create value and cushion the impacts amid disruptions is key in ensuring competitive advantage. At PLG, this means balancing value-added services amid disruptions.

The demands of logistics and supply chains are increasingly complex and integrated. This necessitates a new way of thinking beyond just the provision of storage facilities and transportation services. End-to-end solutions are the way forward, ensuring businesses operate with services fitting to their specific needs.

One critical benefit that clients can experience is added convenience. PLG offers special packing services, sandblasting and spray painting for marine, shipping, oil and gas equipment, custom-sized pallets, in house IPPC wooden heat treatment, cold room storage for medical and food supplies amongst other value-added services. These are the foundations for our End-to-end solutions. This can even be scaled to ensure continuity across our various regional offices.

The Growing Importance of Safety and SOP in Today’s Logistics

Contingency planning is very important to navigate through the changes in Asia’s logistics industry. In light of evolving COVID-19 circumstances, PLG has in place a series of measures for business continuity and safe standards of operations with minimal disruptions on client-service deliveries and the wellbeing of staff.

To give clarity to all staff, clear and transparent communications are applied to all streams of operations about maintaining the highest personal hygiene and collective safety. Measures are detailed for workplace entries, the scenario of an individual feeling unwell, as well as split team arrangements. PLG has dedicated business-continuity managers, safety management officers and a COVID response team to ensure all procedures are in place.

Keeping in line with the measures by Singapore authorities to continue everyday business functions, PLG’s business continuity plan includes Work-From-Home and split work arrangements among the departments, rescheduling non-essential work, and conducting virtual meetings for engagements. This maintains a safe business environment without disrupting daily operations.

To further enhance our end-to-end solutions, PLG has full visibility and control over safety and handling procedures, especially with hygiene now becoming a top priority amongst clients. At PLG, considerable planning is made to ensure minimising touchpoints to the most critical sections in the supply chain for minimal exposure to the elements and virus, particularly in preventing Covid-19, where possible. This too keeps our supply chains as undisrupted as possible.

Logistics operators can uphold safety and standards by working closely with clients to review and implement necessary safety measures. Together, we can foster an industry-wide collective effort to build Singapore’s logistics and supply-chain resilience, as we play an important node in Asia’s global trade.

Ensuring Continued Economic Trade Flow for All

To maintain the flow of vital economic trade, this necessitates for flexibility in arrangements, recommendations and providing the right solutions for clients to stay ahead with greater relevance.

For instance, the adaption to Covid-19’s impact on trade flows has now created a scenario of shortages in shipping equipment worldwide. Vital trade still needs to flow to ensure the stability of global economic markets. To navigate around such immediate challenge, PLG encourages clients to consider renting or purchasing a SOC (Shipper Owned Container) as a short-term solution to mitigate against the fluctuations in shipping costs. Similar to the concept of LCL (Less-than-Container-Load), clients can consider sharing their containers with other mutual parties if both cargoes are headed to the same destination. Costs can be split between both parties. This is an example of an immediate win-win solution for all parties involved.

Likewise, connectivity across borders is essential for continued trade flows. PLG has expanded its regional footprint with teams posted strategically in China and Laos to build new connection nodes and extend economic trade flows.

This aligns with emerging developments. Channel NewsAsia recently reported why strengthening supply chain resilience is key to advancing economic integration. Foreign Minister, Vivian Balakrishnan cited the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Connectivity Initiative-New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (CCI-ILSTC), as one example of fostering greater connectivity across and beyond the Belt and Road.

Connectivity is a key attribute in our business strategy and daily operations, and these broader macro-developments validates that PLG is heading in the right direction.

In line with our philosophy to support clients to the best of our abilities – if we can do it, we will do it – our latest milestone includes the launch of our LCL Sea Freight Route from Busan to Shanghai to serve our clients’ international needs in Asia. The evolution of the logistics and supply chain industry in Asia requires new ways of thinking, resourcefulness and finding solutions that fit a client’s needs. This is how PLG is growing and creating new means of value and competitive advantage to be on track as a challenger brand.


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