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Snapshots of Luang Prabang:

1) Geographical location
Highland (80% of the entire land area) Farm land (9% of the entire land area)
Source: Laos outlook July 2019
Laos Luang Prabang Logistics Park:
Luang Prabang Logistics Park (LPLP) is expected to function as a regional core of the logistics system in
northern Lao PDR along highway NR-13N. The city of Luang Prabang is specialized as tourism and
administration centre, such that LPLP needs to be located in a place that fulfills the criteria below:
Outside the central town of the World Heritage Minimum disturbance to urban activities in Luang

  •  Good accessibility to highway NR-13,
  •  Good accessibility to the Mekong River,
  •  Good accessibility to Luang Prabang city

In consideration of the above, the south-eastern area along highway NR-13 was selected as a potential
site of the LPLP.
In terms of regional connectivity, many national roads in Laos have been upgraded and linked with the
road networks in the neighboring countries. Laos has become one of the priorities in the Belt and Road
Initiative (BRI) of the Chinese government, which aims at increasing connectivity and the economic and
political ties of China with more than 60 countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, mainly through
infrastructure projects.



2)Economic status

*1: 1,100,000 kip/month


3) What is the contribution return?
The Laos freight and logistics market is estimated to be valued at USD 497.46 million in 2018 and is
estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.47 % during the forecast period. Laos is one of the fastest-growing
economies in the ASEAN region. The country has witnessed economic growth of more than 7% in recent
4) Future growth / benefit for the company
The Freight and Logistics market in Laos is less competitive due to the presence of a smaller number of
international players and those players hold a major market share, mainly in international freight
5) How much investment needs to be put in?
Feasibility study is in progress, report will be sent over when ready

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