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Spray Painting & Sand Blasting

PLG provides sandblasting services for marine, shipping, oil and gas equipment, precision engineering and related industries. We also provide professional spray painting services for the protection of metal components and surfaces against corrosion.

Sandblasting Services
PLG owns a sandblasting chamber of L-5.0m X W-5.0m X H-4.0m. Our sandblasting services are performed by a highly trained team to achieve the highest quality standards to meet compliance standards. Various abrasives such as garnet, glass beads and aluminum oxide are used in the sandblasting process.
Our sandblasting services are certified according to the ISO 85011:2007 standard. These services are sought by contractors, facility owners, shipyards, rail yards, and other industrial and mobile applications that require high-quality finishing.

Professional Spray Painting Services
PLG also owns a spray painting chamber measuring L-6.0m X W-3.0m X H-3.0m and is able to meet the standards of the oil and gas industry, hence achieving the client’s KPI. We operate with a team of qualified and professional painters, providing a complete solution for the repair, refurbishment and maintenance of offshore, subsea and manufacturing equipment.
Our professional spray painting services are composed of heavy-duty coating and other forms of coating to cater to your needs. The finishing coat of the paint system gives the desired appearance in terms of colour, gloss and sheen.
PLG’s spray painting services have been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We had been able to meet the requirements of our major clients in the marine, subsea, oil and gas industries.

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