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We understand the importance of a good packing solution for your products. That’s why we provide customised packaging solutions to suit your needs, ensuring that you receive perfectly conditioned products when transported. PLG's comprehensive packing solutions include customised pallets, wooden crating and chemical foam packing that can fit your needs and specifications. We can also apply customised labels, swing tags and barcodes to your goods. All of our wood packaging products are heat treated in-house to eliminate any traces of pests and germs. Once treated, these wood products are endorsed with the SG-34 stamp, which is accepted by all countries recognising the IPPC mark. 

Our Heat Treatment Chamber:

Heat Treated Wooden Pallet

Our Chemical Packing Foam:

Packing Foam

Packing Foam Services

Designed to safeguard your products during shipping, warehousing, and general handling, our chemical packing foam is equipped with unparalleled cushioning abilities that enable you to package your products with minimal material usage. With the packing foam expanding only when, where, and as needed, it provides a flexible, cost-effective and efficient solution for protecting products of nearly any size, shape, and weight. Whether you manufacture small, delicate products or bulky, heavy-duty items, our protective packing foam cushions can be tailored to your specific requirements and placed wherever necessary for superior precision cushioning, high-speed void fill, or heavy-duty blocking and bracing.

Wooden Crating:

Wooden Crating Services

Wooden crating is a packaging solution used in shipping to protect goods from damage during transportation. They are customised to fit the dimensions of the product being shipped and can be designed to meet specific shipping requirements such as temperature control or shock resistance. When shipping delicate, heavy, or irregularly shaped items, wooden crating can provide an extra layer of protection against damage that can occur during loading, unloading, or in transit. Wooden crates can also be used for export shipments to comply with international regulations, the ISPM 15.

Developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), ISPM 15 directly concerns wooden packaging materials. It requires them to be either heat-treated or fumigated with approved chemicals to prevent the international transport and spread of diseases and insects that could negatively impact plants or ecosystems. Our wooden crates strictly adhere to these standards, as they are heat-treated and carry the internationally recognised IPPC stamp, which attests to their compliance. 

With over 20 years of experience, our team of experts can provide customised wooden crating solutions for your shipping needs. From design and fabrication to packing and loading, we handle every aspect of the process to ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time.

Customisable Wooden Pallet Manufacturing:

Wooden Pallet Manufacturer

A custom pallet is a pallet that is designed and built to specific dimensions, weight capacity, and other specifications to meet the unique needs of a particular shipment. Custom pallets are typically used to transport oversized or irregularly shaped items that cannot be safely transported on standard pallets. Custom pallets are essential for shipping goods that require specialized handling or protection during transportation, such as fragile or heavy machinery, large equipment, or sensitive electronics. A properly designed custom pallet can help prevent damage to goods during transit, reduce the risk of accidents, and ensure that shipments arrive at their destination in good condition. Our experienced team can design and build custom pallets to suit any shipment requirements, using high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure maximum durability and protection.

Trust us to handle all of your packing needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your products are protected. Speak to our Packaging Specialists today!