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We are excited to share that PLG has been officially accredited as an On-the-Job Training Centre (COJTC) by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). This recognition highlights the excellence of our structured on-the-job training (OJT) programme, which equips our employees with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

In the dynamic and constantly evolving logistics industry, we recognise the importance of ongoing employee training and development to maintain a competitive edge. Through our COJTC partnership, we are excited to offer our employees opportunities to address any knowledge or skill gaps via tailored OJTs to meet the industry’s ever-changing needs. Additionally, we can issue certifications upon the completion of the training, which is endorsed by ITE and widely recognised across the industry.

We are also deeply committed to nurturing future logistics professionals by collaborating with ITE and other tertiary institutions through our participation in their student attachment and Work-Study Diploma (WSD) programmes. Our proven success with students in these programmes and the expertise of our in-house trainers were instrumental in securing this accreditation

One of our former WSD students, Meng Ting, who has since become a full-time PLG employee recounted her initial sense of being overwhelmed upon joining PLG. However, through the support of our well-structured OJT and guidance from her mentors, she gained invaluable insights into the company and the industry as a whole. This experience enabled her to effectively translate her academic knowledge to real-world situations, demonstrating the positive impact of our training programmes.

At PLG, our dedication to providing top-notch training and development opportunities for our employees remains unwavering. This COJTC certification serves as proof of our adherence to best OJT practices and our continuous support for employee growth. We look forward to further strengthen our partnership with ITE, working closely to consistently review and refine our OJT system, expand our team of certified in-house trainers and further develop our training blueprint.