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PLG received an appreciation plaque from ST Logistics at the SkillsFuture Queen Bee Network Official Launch Ceremony and we are honoured to be recognised as one of their primary partners.

This acknowledgement highlights not only our successful collaborations with ST Logistics but also embarks us on a transformative journey with the SkillsFuture Queen Bee Network.

The Queen Bee Network is a groundbreaking initiative that encourages industry leaders to impart their successful workforce development tactics to smaller partners. This strategic sharing of knowledge empowers a more robust and competent logistics industry, capable of meeting the new age demands.

At PLG, we believe in continuous learning as the foundation for advancements in any field. It is this perpetual pursuit of knowledge growth that continues to drive our commitment towards industry innovation and improvement.

Starting this new chapter with ST Logistics and the Queen Bee Network, we anticipate creating more opportunities for growth, driving innovation and facilitating the emergence of a more competent and robust logistics sector. We look forward to a journey of inclusive progress and developments that would carry us into the future of the logistics industry.