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We were excited to partner with the Singapore Insurance Institute (SII) for a behind-the-scenes tour of our modern warehouse in Tuas. This visit provided a unique opportunity to showcase our facilities while demonstrating how we handle different types of goods with specialised care. Our team was eager to share our processes and procedures, emphasising the importance of adhering to the highest standards in logistics.

Singapore Insurance Institute and PLG group photo

Upon arrival, we welcomed our guests with a warm greeting and a brief introduction to our company's history and operations. We then embarked on a guided tour of our expansive warehouse, showcasing various sections dedicated to receiving, storage and distribution. 

Throughout the tour, our Compliance & Facility General Manager, Jack Lim, explained the specialised handling requirements for different types of goods, such as fragile items, halal goods, and temperature-sensitive products. We also highlighted the certifications and accreditations we have obtained to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. This interactive and informative session provided our guests with a deeper understanding of the intricate workings of logistics operations.

Singapore Insurance Institute and PLG warehouse visit

To further enhance the experience, we organised a hands-on demonstration of our packing and shipping processes. Our team members demonstrated how they carefully package and secure goods for transportation, ensuring their safety and integrity. 

The visit concluded with a Q&A session, where our guests had the opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of warehouse operations.